The Artemisian Costuming Challenge

I am making an outfit for the Artemisian Costuming Challenge.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


After spending the afternoon looking at my fabric and woodcuts, I've decided on a Kampfrauen dress.
The Hemd or shirt will be white linen that I already have.  Not sure but I might have linen for an underdress also.  The Kleid or dress will be made of wool, dark green from my stash.  I want to do the banding with slashes on the dress, and I have a red for that.  The Gollar or cape I have some fur, someplace....
The hat is a must have.  I already have the base, maybe I will felt my wool after I card it.
Shoes, I have just started making some.  This will be fun.

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  1. Awesome choice!
    I have a gollar I made with Mistress Bianca a few years back for Estrella, absolutely loved it -- made of black wool and edged in a red silk binding. Probably didn't hurt that the lining was a black baby flannel with white skulls all over it.

    What kind of shoes are you making? Its my next progression of making myself more "correct" and I'm utterly interested in any shoe-crafters out there!